Architecture Game

Meet the finest Rotterdam Architecture with the Architecture Game Mister Rotterdam. By playing this game on foot you will soon get to know the great city of Rotterdam and also get a peek into the amazing architectural kitchen of Rotterdam. This way you will experience a wide and nice impression of what the Rotterdam Architecture area has to bring to the table!

If there is one city suitable for an Architecture Game it is definitely Rotterdam. This game is a variant of the popular Discovery Game and is custom made for you. Start location, length and finish location are all  flexible and the route of this game takes you along the most  beautiful and impressive architectural buildings that Rotterdam has to offer. If you are interested in a particular building or object? Let us know. We are happy to cater your needs. You can also combine the Architecture Game by visiting the NAI – Dutch Architecture Institute. There you will receive an educational and fun taste of the topic Architecture. This visit can be combined with a lunch and / or drinks.

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Number of participants: 8-150
Duration: 1.5 to 4 hours
Extra’s: visit NAI, lunch, drinks & dinner

8-15 pers.         € 25,50 p.p.
16-20 pers.       € 23,50 p.p.
21-30 pers.       € 19,50 p.p.
30+ pers.          € 17,50 p.p.

Including organization, guidance, route and price tailored for winning team. A Visit to the NAI will cost an extra € 10, – p.p.


Architecture, sociable, active, instructive, 8-150 people.

Ministry Transport, Eneco Network, SSW Den Bosch, CWI Amsterdam, NIZW Convention Bureau, Hebo, Primary DUO 2002, Forta, KNCV, Enno Zuidema Urbanism, TU Delft, Stichting Social Services Center, Lighthouse Club

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