Team Me Up

Are you looking for strong team building with a high fun factor? Get engaged in Team Me Up Rotterdam.

Team Me Up is a unique city game, played with tablets. It’s a strong combination of competition, interaction, team building & fun. With the vibrant city of Rotterdam as the the stage teams find their way through the city and are challenged by questions and assignments. When answered and fulfilled in the right way, the teams score points. While playing the teams can also  challenge each other for a duel : you have to simultaneously complete a mission. The team that is closest to the correct answer  wins the duel.

Team Me Up is highly flexible. It can start and finish at any place in the city. Teams will consist of 4-8 persons and tablets are the main device to play the game. It projects a location, which the teams have to approach. When they reach the location a question or assignment pops up. The questions can be about the city of Rotterdam, but can also be about your company or organization. The assignment can be fulfilled by taking a picture or creating an audio. The best teams wins and receives a bottle of champagne at the finish by gathering as much points as possible. The length of Team Me Up is flexible; average playing time is 2-3 hours.

For more info about the game read the full explanation of Team Me Up.

€ 45,- p.p.
Including organization, hosting, customization of questions & assignments and drink at the break.
Excluding VAT and other food & beverages.
8-300 pax, starting time and game area are flexible.

€ 45, – p.p.
Including mentoring, using tablets, customization, photo shoot, one drink en route and price for winning team. Excluding other restaurants.
Number of participants: 12-120
Game Duration: 2-4 hours
Expandability: water taxi, lunch, drinks & dinner

GPS Game on tablets, questions and assignments, competition, customization, 12-120 people.

References Unilever, CWT, Bilderberg Parkhotel

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